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Scheduling Issues

Contact Matt Eccles or Kevin King if you have a situation where you cannot play a game.  Please contact them as soon as you know. See the ULA Contacts tab for their contact info. 

Rules and Forms

Weather Cancellation Policy

ULA will issue blanket cancellation notices if necessary.  All other weather related cancellations should occur at the field and be a coordinated decision between the officials and coaches. 

NYS requires a 30 minute delay each time lightning or thunder occurs.  All players, coaches and officials shall leave the field and take shelter during the delay. 

Cancellation of the first game does not mean the second game is automatically cancelled. 

Any full game cancellations should be reported to Derrick Eccles or Kevin King. 

Makeup Game Policy

Coaches will schedule make up games with other coaches.  It does not have to be with the team of the cancelled game if they are not available. 

When you have a date, time and site for the make up game contact Derrick Eccles and he will coordinate officials for the game. 

General Info

Team Issues:   If you know you have a problem date, tell us early, not that week

Teams w number problems – sharing players, large teams playing doubles

Rules Review - Learn the rules, including equipment requirements

Report Problems:  Ref no shows, poor behavior, site problems, etc.

Guidelines:      No coaching instructions involving other teams players

No switching player positions for fast break advantage

Parents on opposite side of field, under control